Omega Evo 500
Omega Evo 500

Evo Story Stand:08.03.2015

The omega Evo 500 owes his existence like some other small series at this time to the homologation default of the old DTM. In it was exactly regulated in which implementation a vehicle in the DTM at that time might start. Beside technical specifications the regulations meant must be built at least in 5000 of these vehicles which should be used. Then in the second step might occur also Homolgationen from developed base versions of their 500 pieces had to be produced. One consciously wanted to prevent with the fact that a sort of prototype series develops. By FIA documemts 509 Omega Evo 500 were built up to February 1991

 This was also the reason which is why Audi the V8 started. Because the Audi 90, or the coupe have not created 5000 units per year in the respective specification.

Because the cadet GSi 16 V, unfortunately, was not competitive enough one resolved to begin himself at trunk home with the omega from now on in the DTM. Particularly as the anew developed 6 cylinder brought to engine C30SE the best arrangements for the application in the motor sport. To us one absolutely credited with victory chances to himself with this engine.

The first racing state coach was built up already in 1989. Other omega state coaches were altered for the 90th season to vehicles DTM, because one had already fulfilled the homologation default with him of 3000th on account of the great series. Then the omega in 3000 state coaches DTM have been altered after the seasonal end of 1990 to Evokarossen. Colplete originated 15 racer state coaches

However, at the same time it was worked already on the homologation variation. The first results in addition could be already visited on the engine drawing room in Geneva in 1990. Therefore the image of Evo 500 has occurred already on the 8th of March, 1990, before the season DTM 1990 had begun generally. Indeed, this does not seem to have been perceived so really, because Evo 500 was shown on the state by Irmscher of the public and was still not so wide as after the ready developed omega Evo 500. During the following months it was developed whole technically in cooperation with starting and optically with Irmscher and the University of Technology of Stuttgart, thus the omega Evo 500 to the engine show in food in November, 1990 his official world premiere on the Opel state could celebrate.

These are two "prototypes" famously which both are white and have put down all cultivation parts individually in the vehicle registration document.

From the real idea to offer the omega Evo 500 in four different colours one had moved away and thus the omega Evo 500 was delivered only in Novaschwarz.

From Evo 500 could be ordered there to a base price of 89,400 DM. However, it corresponded to the naked version without climate, sunroof or 18 inches of rims. Only with 18 inches of wheels Evo cost 500 already 92,220 DM then.

To the serial production were sent at that time ready omega in 3000 in Novaschwarz from the running production bit by bit Remshalden to Irmscher to find out there the rebuilding as Evo 500. In the square series had to be exchanged only the bicycle runs for issued round bicycle runs. The fenders are also in the area of the bicycle runs in two walked been widened. The widening runs below thus from them in a coarse Schwellerverkleidung runs out. So that the line remains Aerodynamically consistent, is in the back door an article him the crossing to the bicycle run widening produces. The bumpers have also been modified and to reach a higher Anpressdruck an adjustable spoiler lip has been mounted in front, in addition. As a special highlight the back spoiler may not remain unmentioned one which is also called with pleasure affectionately "Frittentheke". Once he is already very remarkable because of his height, on the other hand he drives out geschwindigkeitsabhänig from about 80 km / H independently and varies by the height around his final position with about 140 km/h to reach. Also in the back spoiler an adjustable lip is appropriated again around also here one Anpressdruck improve in circle to reach. To good one a sportier interior equipment with Recaro to seats was also obstructed last in the years 1991/92 so only in Evo 500 was to be got.

In which piece lungs Evo were delivered at that time to Irmscher, unfortunately, Can not be understood any more. Only is known which the first 100 Evo 500 have been built prespecified and could be called away from the date of the premiere about the Opel traders. One recognises this Evo also by the not yet varnished door handles. Then the remaining vehicles have been specified at customer wish.

However, with the help of the chassis numbers can be understood not all vehicles all at once have been altered. However, there is a writing in him the completion of the vehicle stands on account of the according to amount limited rebuilding capacity after delivery with Irmscher 6-10 weeks takes up.

Evo with the chassis number slightest up to now has been altered, e.g., in April, 91 to Evo 500. The latest known Evo has been produced in July, 92 and has been admitted on the Opel distribution management the east.

These are currently vehicles famously on the press department which motor sport department as well as in the sponsorship were used., Among the rest, had got Steffi count, the table tennis player Steffen Fetzner and the FC Bayern München  and vehicles. Presumably, therefore, there the sales of the vehicles on account of the failure in faltering had got. Since at last only about 321 Evo 500 were built, as Irmscher information 

And some of these vehicles are later than to be able to sell demonstration car on Opelhändler been admitted around them as a demonstration car more reasonably.

Beside the German market it was also to be sold intended the omega Evo 500 in Switzerland. The base price without extra equipment amounted at that time to 79,000 SFR. However, there only 16 vehicles have been sold and the Typengenemigung has been given there only on the 2.7.91, so relatively late, because the prospectuses were already printed in February, 91 ready And the production has started for the Swiss models only in September, 91. Then Evo 500 was specified individually by Swiss traders by customer wish and was ordered with an additional note. Then the ready omega in 3000 were brought by analogy with the German vehicles to Irmscher and then were altered accordingly.

Moreover is also to be marked this the Swiss vehicles of a rear window aerial dispose and have a special bigger antennafier under the hat filing.

An other speciality of the Swiss model is the small not extendable back spoiler, otherwise, also in the Irmscher L40 was mounted. On account of a legal regulation the electrically extendable back spoiler of Evo 500 in Switzerland has got no licensing and was substituted with the stiff wing. The same destiny also overtook the Mercedes 190 Evo2, this has been delivered in Switzerland with the back spoiler of 190 Evo1.

At short notice in the middle of 1991 an order window must also have been opened for the traders in Austria. According to the documents being to me there was officially not to offer the plan Evo 500 in Austria. But on account of the stagnant sales one has certainly tried to be able to knock off there also some Evo. Since all together just 20 Evo 500 have been sold as a new carriage in Austria and have been delivered over the trader's net in Austria. Of it even 1/3 about a trader's group.

It is to be gone out from it this this order window for the Austrian market even limit was opened, because the chassis numbers all up to now known Evo500 with Austrian first licensing are to be separated clearly from the German and Swiss vehicles these have also been delivered everybody at the beginning of October, 91 to GM Austria and have had been brought forward to the single classification, been admitted partly, however, like in Germany also only very late.

To Austria and in Switzerland delivered Evo can be also identified about the Adrema sign.

Moreover, Evo 500 has been produced in silver. However, the colour seems to to have been no normal colour GM, because the carriage no colour code on the type sign stand has. He seems to have been also built beyond the normal series, because the chassis number cannot be assigned.

There should also have been at special trader's wish Evo in red which is not known, unfortunately, or is missing.

There has also been a small number of Evo 500 who were not altered as though abgenommne, however, yet admitted new carriages, on 4 litres of engine type C40SE. These vehicles were produced did not become coherent, however, have been altered quite only by the end of the production in summer, 1992 bit by bit. However, these do not have the initial letters WJR (manufacturer Irmscher) but begin furthermore with WOL, because it would have been to itself, otherwise, also around no Opel omega Evo 500 which were brought for the homologation. I also go out from the fact which the omegas had to be taken, therefore, also only when Evo and might be altered only late as 4 litres Evo. Unfortunately, these things can be even understood if the first original vehicle registration documents still exist.

This is my personal state of knowledge to the history of the omega Evo 500. Should this be faulty provably, I ask for information around this to correct. Also if can be complemented a little bit.



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